How Do Marketers Track Ads?

You will receive reports on your ads every month, and each report will explain to you how your ads are performing. You can see clearly how much money each ad is bringing back to your business, and you may work with your marketer to adjust the ads to your benefit. You should not use a marketer who does not provide reports, and the best marketers explain their reports in detail. This article briefly covers reports for your edification.

#1: The Reports Are Complex

Each part of the report details what your ads have done during the month. There are several numbers you may not understand, but your marketer must explain each number. You will learn to read these reports over time, and you will learn to quickly interpret their meaning. You may begin to make adjustments using the reports, and your marketer will advice you of the best course of action.

#2: Change Ads As Often As Possible

You must not waste a moment on your ads. Any ad that is not living up to its potential must be removed immediately. Your marketer will explain how you may change the ads, and you may make the changes until you have settled into a rhythm. Keeping changing your ads as much as you have to for best results.

Every marketer must provide you with weekly reports. Call in to speak to your marketer, and you will learn quite a bit about the ads you are paying good money for.