Where Do Your Ads Go?

The ads you purchase for your business must go to customers who are most likely to buy. Your marketing company will use techniques that find the most likely customers around the world, and each ad will be optimized for several different purposes. This article explains how your ads will reach customers.

#1: Local Marketing

Marketing for your business is targeted at people who live in your immediate area. You must ask your marketing company to create ads that will find people who live within a few miles of your business, and every web search for your area will return an ad for your business. Local marketing goes farther than any other type of marketing.

#2: Industry Marketing

You must have ads that reach customers who are searching in your industry. The majority of web searches for your products are generic, and customers must see an ad for your business when they perform a search. The ads will appear in the search engine, and you will have customers come to you directly from an ad they saw in the search engine.

The ads you purchase from your marketing company must go to the right customers. You will find customers who live near your location, and you will find customers who are searching in your industry. Each set of ads will find a particular type of customer you need, and your marketer will keep searching for those customers every day.